Black Tap Review!

If you’re a milkshake lover like myself, got a taste for a juicy burger or enjoy being a part of social media trends then THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!


I tried this spot for the first time last year but procrastinated for awhile on going because I heard how crazy the lines can get. Sorry but I’m not waiting hours in line for a  milkshake….or so I thought. My first time here I waited close to 3 hours in 30 degree winter weather before my group finally got to go in, and dammit it was worth the wait! In all seriousness each shake is a meal in itself. They all come with other desserts piled on top of your milkshake. What’s also great about this massive dessert tower is that it only cost $15 **screams for the people in the back** FIFTEEN DOLLARS!

*The Cookie Shake*

Although Black Tap began trending in 2015 people are still camping outside to get in because they often have special shakes that last for a limited time only; like the pink shake they did for breast cancer awareness month that had a strawberry crunch ice cream bar attached to it! I  still cry on the inside for missing this!


And don’t think I forgot about those of you who aren’t really big on shakes or like my fat ass you want a shake AND a burger! Every time I come here I get a burger and they never cease to please. And just like the shakes, the food is reasonably priced as well!


NOW LET ME BE HONEST! If you haven’t figured it out yet the drinks and food here are diabetes waiting to happen! So please have this OCCASIONALLY. I’m talking once every few months. I kid you not after I eat here my following meals are pretty healthy and I completely cut out sweets for quite some time.



Definitely Candee Approved! I swear this restaurant has been my go-to “pig out” spot for 2016! If you haven’t been here yet, what the hell are you waiting for?!?

*Birthday Cake*

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