First Semester of Grad School… COMPLETED!

One semester down…

And I’m still in disbelief!

This is the same girl who made it clear to everyone at her 2013 graduation that she was DONE with school! Done with the papers, done with the exams, done with it all! The same girl who had a change of heart and ended up applying to a Master’s program in 2015- to only be rejected and told she didn’t quite “match up to the other candidates”. The same girl who got her sh*t together, gave it another shot spring of 2016, and got accepted.

I mention this to make it clear that you don’t realize how much your life will change over time. Hell you don’t realize how much YOU will change overtime. And when that change comes EMBRACE IT! When I got rejected from my master’s program I could’ve easily said “Forget this! I didn’t want to go back to school anyway!” Instead I did my research, had someone review my application, made corrections and took the necessary steps to make sure I was more than qualified for the program.

So What Do I Think About Grad School So Far?

I have to admit, I’m enjoying it so far! What turned me off about undergrad is taking classes that had nothing to do with my major. Sitting in class pissed cuz I got a low grade on something I will NEVER use outside the classroom. But grad school has been the complete opposite. You’re being taught information that you will need to know and use once you get in the field. So I’ve definitely been more attentive as a grad student compared to when I was in undergrad. Most of the professors understand that you’re probably working full-time so they’re pretty lenient on some of the work they assign, due dates and how long the classes last for.

The Most Challenging Part of Grad School

TIMING! When and if I was stressed it was because of timing. If you’re considering grad school and want to prep yourself for it, work on time management from now! As for me, trying to balance school, 2 jobs, service, a personal life and trying to maintain being this fabulous (lol) was a STRUGGLE! It often felt like I didn’t have enough time to do anything, which becomes very overwhelming. Also I had papers that required going out in the field and working; so setting aside time to do that in order to write my paper was time consuming as well.

What Helped Me Get Through My First Semester

POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Sounds cliche` but seriously you have to go in with a positive attitude. If you walk in thinking negative about what grad school will be like, that will determine how the remainder of your year will be. From August 25th on I walked in ready to get this degree!

 What also helped me is building relationships with other people who were as driven to do good. Trust there were times I forgot when something was due and it was these group of people that were there to remind me. Also when midterms and finals came, it was helpful and fun having a set group of friends to study with.

 Overall, this semester was great! I hope the next 5 are just as good, if not- BETTER!

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