What 2016 Taught Me & Hello 2017!

For the past couple of days all I kept hearing and reading was how much people hated 2016 and couldn’t wait for the new year to come.  And all I kept thinking was- DAMN I HAD A GOOD YEAR!

Looking back the positives definitely outweighed the negative. I was blessed with so many  opportunities and  completed many personal goals. But 2016 has also taught me many valuable lessons, and here are just a few that I will carry on to the new year:


Chile! This one right here! It got to the point where I became so comfortable with doing this; like I would intentionally not complete tasks right away and blame it on me being a procrastinator as if it was an actual disease that I was diagnosed with. But this one hit me hard towards the end of my grad school semester. I started out doing amazing. But towards the end of the semester the laziness kicked in. I started doing papers hours before they were due and didn’t study for one of my finals until the night before. When I saw that grade that’s when I was like OH NO, THIS WILL NOT CONTINUE INTO 2017.


I can’t even read this without shaking my head. Seriously, when I think about how many opportunities I’ve missed out on all because I was waiting on other people, it makes me sick. There were places I wanted to go to and events I wanted to check out but didn’t because I was waiting on other people who were stalling. But believe me when I say 2016 was that year I put an end to this! About mid-2016 I put this frustration into action. The minute I saw something of interest, I BOOKED IT! Notified my friends after, whoever was down would book as well, whoever was tip-toeing around the idea- got left behind! That was the moment I decided to live my damn life!


I know this sounds so cliche` but I can admit that once I accepted this, I was able to come to terms with rejection and  accept situations that did not end in my favor.  In 2015 a lot of opportunities and relationships ended for me. But 2016 showed me exactly why those opportunities did not work out; there was something bigger and better waiting for me. Friendships ended and I questioned why- later saw those people for who they really were. Didn’t receive a few job opportunities I was interested in- thought perhaps my resume wasn’t good enough- once I started school I later realized there was no way I could have worked at either of those places full-time and go to school. Everything happens for a reason, and it simply wasn’t for me…


Yikes this one may piss off a few people, but it needs to be said. DO NOT SETTLE. DO NOT LET SOCIETY TELL YOU THAT YOU NEED TO LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU’RE ASKING FOR DOES NOT EXIST…. and this people is what I had to learn. Now I have to be completely transparent with my readers, so I’ll admit it; there were several times I settled last year. BAM I SAID IT! Like seriously, there were guys I dated that people who REALLY know me would be like…

 LMAO now it wasn’t that anything was wrong with them… okay maybe one or two- but it was more so that they were the complete opposite of who I am and what I normally go for. For example, I love to go out, and he would be a complete “home body”, or I want a guy with a degree, and he had nothing past a high school diploma, I like ’em tall but him and I can see eye to eye LITERALLY….get my drift?
And this only happened because certain “folks” had me thinking perhaps my standards were a little too high, maybe I should lower them just a bit. Well I did… and all  I can say is NEVER AGAIN! SCREW THAT! Thou shall not settle! Once I realized that, changes occurred immediately <3 **hint hint**
Stay tuned for that post!

2016 was a great year but I’m so ready for 2017 and pray this year brings me nothing but happiness and blessings!

4 thoughts on “What 2016 Taught Me & Hello 2017!

  1. Alexa says:

    Awesome post, the one that really stood out 4me was waiting on others to attend an event….smdh no more!….2017 ima do it all by myself i was a single birth NOT a TWIN🤘

  2. Precious love says:

    I am all for being motivated and achieving your goals. Why is that when black women are educated they raised their standards? Black men aren’t good enough for them unless they’re educated, too.?? They end up dating a white man?? Why move out of your own neighborhood ( non- ghetto)?

    • Hey, thank you for your comment! I will start off by saying that I don’t think this is just Black women. I think most people (Black, White, man woman, etc.) as they progress in life will tend to raise their standards. I love Black men! So my education will not deter me from dating a Black guy, I would just prefer a Black guy with a degree. In reference to the “moving out your neighborhood” comment, again that’s everyone. Let’s be real, who wants to stay in the “ghetto”? You always hear people speaking on ways to “get out the hood”, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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