School: Pace University

How did you two meet?
Nicole: Blaise and I met on the campus of Pace University (Pleasantville, NY). We both served as Resident Assistants in Dow Hall; Blaise’s senior year and my junior year . We both were RA’s on the 3rd floor (after we started dating we would fondly refer to our love story as “3rd floor love”). We were both in the School of Business and had some classes together. I would always sit in the front of the class and Blaise would join me. I thought he was trying to be studious, but later found out he sat in the front to get my attention. We were the best of friends before we started dating and did not intend to pursue a relationship that worked itself out!

What were some of the challenges of being in a relationship and maintaining good grades in college?
N&B: It is definitely a challenge to try to manage a relationship while in college. What made it easier was that we had similar classes and we were able to study together.

Before you got with your significant other, did you find dating in college complicated?
Nicole: I wasn’t interested in dating in college. I was focused school and figured I would figure out a relationship later on. I saw my friends go through complicated relationships and decided that was not for me! Blaise was much more strategic and was determined to find his significant other before graduating.

These lovely newlyweds tied the knot on September 5, 2015 at Glen Island Harbour Club New Rochelle, NY. How has marriage impacted your relationship?
Nicole: Marriage has enforced togetherness and partnership. Some things remained the same and some things change (my last name an immediate change). I feel that we continue to learn and grow with each other. I feel that is an important element of relationships, always grow with your partner.

How did you know she was the one?
Blaise: We always got along so naturally, since we first met it was like we knew each other all our lives. Ever since college she was always by my side supporting me in every way, and helping me grow in all aspects of life.

What advice would you give to other couples who are trying to balance school and being in a relationship?
N&B: Find ways to study together and understand each other’s goals. It’s rewarding when you see your partner succeed!

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