Yes Yes Yes the rumors are true, I FINALLY jumped on the Insecure bandwagon!

It’s crazy for MONTHS people have been telling me to watch this show, insisting that I’ll love it and be able to relate to it…. I didn’t realize how much!


So let me start off by saying I’m definitely…
#nobrainer #HeDidNothingWrong!
No seriously, why was this even a debate?
Like I get it, no woman wants to settle with a guy who is living off his unemployment checks, sitting around the house hoping one day his “app developer” dreams will come true. But that still wasn’t enough to excuse Issa for cheating on Lawrence.  And I’m definitely not ignoring the fact that Lawrence forgot Issa’s birthday- hell that alone would’ve had me walking out the door! But cheating is always a no-no in my book! So Issa you my girl, but I was definitely riding for Lawrence season 1
Now season 2 has me ready to switch jerseys.
But I’ll get into that a little later…


If someone told me “choose a character you identify the most with” hands down it would be Molly!
I’d like to explain this further, but it’s one of those things you’d really have to know me to understand. What I will say is, where relationships are concerned, her and I are the same damn person. I’m convinced Issa been all up and through my diary when creating this character!
Now can we address this misconception about Molly? I hate that whenever she is mentioned, the first thing people say is “Molly can’t get a man!”
Ummm it’s not that Molly can’t get a man, c’mon she’s beautiful, has a career, has her own place and definitely knows how to get down (if ya know what I mean!). The problem is, she can’t get a man that SHE WANTS– and I feel season 2 makes it a bit clearer for the viewers what Molly has been searching for all this time….
Nooooo not a married man, but someone she could have a real connection with. Someone she could let loose with and be herself. You gotta admit, when Molly is around Dro you forget how high-maintenance and picky she has been with every other guy.  She definitely lets her guard down, laughs more, has fun and forgets all about those little requirements she cared so much about (i.e. college degree, good job, $$$ etc.) . Unfortunately Dro is “HELLA MARRIED” so I’m hoping this little thing they got going, comes to an end soon.
(But we all know Molly is gonna sleep with him soon… or will she?)


It’s Always So Easy to Hate “The Other Woman…
In all seriousness I gotta be one of the few females left who doesn’t hate Tasha- and to be quite honest, I’m not exactly sure what all the hate is about. The ONLY time I’ve ever side-eyed Tasha was when she showed up at Lawrence’s Best-Buy job with her “girls” peeking out her shirt and wearing a pair of tight Fashion Nova jeans asking him out KNOWING he was in a relationship. She tried to act all innocent about it- but we all knew what she was doing!
Thankfully Lawrence being the “good guy” that he is, shut that down real quick and made it clear he was already involved.
(I’m convinced this scene is when I officially became #TeamLawrence).
But besides Tasha’s failed attempt to be a homewrecker you have to admit, for the most part she is a good girl for Lawrence. From our first introduction of her she was super supportive of Lawrence, and always encouraging him to look at the brighter side of his situation. And to be fair, in the beginning it didn’t come off like she was flirting- it seemed pure genuine. I think what’s awesome about Tasha is she gave Lawrence that balance; she was super down to earth (practically one of the homies), a great support system (something Issa started to lack) AND she was taking care of his “manly needs”. My only negative would be that perhaps she’s rushing things rather quickly being that she’s dealing with someone who just got out of a long-term relationship.
There’s nothing wrong with Tasha other than the fact that she’s not Issa, she’s the girl Lawrence is dealing with after Issa. So it’s so easy to hate her, because we want to see the original couple back together, but she is preventing that by being a great distraction for Lawrence…

Anywho, I’ll continue to watch and support the show. I’m just itching to see how all these situations will unfold. If you haven’t done so already check out Insecure on HBO!

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