I must say this has been an awesome summer!
I did a lot of binge watching and became an Insecure addict, visited my second home (Las Vegas) for the fourth of July, fell in love [at]the Dominican Republic, caught up with some sleep and engaged in some long fun nights.
Although I hate to say goodbye, I can’t help but feel excited that…

I know I know I’m such a nerd for being hype about going back to school, but it’s like damn a year has really gone by that fast!
To think I only have one more year left until graduation.

So thoughts on my first year…
Surprisingly the most challenging part of it all wasn’t the readings, the papers nor the exams- it was honestly time management. Trying to balance two jobs, school, community work and my personal life seemed nearly impossible at times. Although I had a similar experience during my undergrad [having so much on my plate], it was still manageable back then. During undergrad, school came before everything. Whenever work became stressful I’d just ask my manager to schedule me less hours- hell I was even willing to quit my job. But now it’s different. Yes school is important but at this point in my life work is just as important, so cutting hours wasn’t an option.¬† Same for extracurricular activities. Before any organizations or clubs I was in I could simply put on hold but now I have obligations. I’ll even keep it real and admit in undergrad as long as I passed I was content, but now “just passing” aint an option. ¬† So in the beginning it seemed like “hey grad school isn’t all that bad”, but after awhile it started to hit…

And If I didn’t think last year was already hectic, this year I begin my internship. So as I approach¬† this new school year, I intend on practicing some new strategies to help me balance out this crazy schedule of mine while remaining sane. I will add that yes it does sound overwhelming but there have been many great moments that have come out of this experience and I have yet to regret anything from this journey.



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