Miss Candee-Marie?

Rise & Fall of MissCandeeMarie.com

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I originally launched MissCandeeMarie.com back in April of 2014, which was such a great accomplishment for me! I always wanted my own website where I can be creative and design to my liking and of course talk about whatever  I wanted and not worry about spelling or being grammatically correct. I wanted to give feedback on social issues happening within our society, do features on up and coming talent from my area and of course I wanted to dish all the gossip on celebrities and my favorite reality  shows. But then A LOT started to change. Yes I was getting a lot of traffic to my website and received a lot of great feedback on it, but I began losing interest. Just think, if you’re no longer interested in your own work, what makes you think anyone else will be entertained by it?

I no longer cared what celebrities were doing in their personal lives. I was hardly watching reality TV  anymore so had nothing to report back on and then my schedule became so hectic in my personal life- I had no time to write! Before I knew it, I had completely abandoned my website for MONTHS! But I’m back and very excited about this relaunch. I figured if I’m going to be swamped for the next few years with grad school, balancing jobs, remaining active in my community and enjoying what’s left of my twenties, I might as well SPEAK ON IT! During my hiatus I came across a lot of people who were more interested in me writing on that kind of content since it related to their current situations.

So for my current subscribers thank you for sticking around. It means more to me than you will ever know. If you’re new here,  thank you for taking the time  to read this. If you were expecting to read info on where I’m from, who raised me, what are my likes/dislikes-  typical “about me” info… then check out some of my actual posts. I could sit here and pull random details about my self on this page, but I am a writer- who I am becomes apparent in my writing.

Until next time my loves,