Candidly Candee!


Whenever I’m out with my girls there’s always that one subject that really gets the group going. The type of topic to have the group debating, or really in our feelings. It usually stems from one of our personal experiences and becomes a general question for the entire clique! You know questions like, “Can guys and girls be JUST friends?” or, “Why is it okay for guys to date multiple people and frowned upon when females do it?” Well when I’m having conversations like this with my friends, I’m pretty cut throat. I express how I feel, I NEVER filter my words and my reactions as a whole are pretty candid. So I decided to carry that over to my blog!

When I originally launched I had quite a few readers ask me to write on particular situations they were going through, and give feedback on it. Never got to do it back then so I figured, why not now? I’m excited about this new feature and this gives you all the opportunity to write me on whatever you’d like me to discuss. So whether it’s personal, a general topic, or a question you want answered “for a friend” I got you covered! Send your questions here ==> In the mean time check out some stories below!

“Black People Say I’m Not Really Black”