Grad School


Once I hit my senior year of college, questions about grad school often came up and I made sure to shut them down QUICK! I wasn’t against grad school or anything but was simply sick and tired of school. I needed a break. I’ve  been attending school since the age of 4 so of course at 23 years old I was ready to throw in the towel, get my degree, and call it quits!

But then life hit…

I was so excited to graduate college and start working in my field that I completely missed one of the most important things: RESEARCHING MY FUTURE. What happens next? In 5 years, what am I going to do with this degree?


Anyone with a degree in psychology will tell you there is but so much you can do with just a Bachelors, and I heard them… but I wasn’t really LISTENING. See I got lucky […well kind of]. Found me a nice job in my field 17 months after graduating, was with an organization that provided many opportunities to grow, and the pay was great! But it just wasn’t enough. I knew I wanted to counsel in schools and in clinics, and both interests consist of getting a Master’s degree [in both areas] and at the time I had no interest in going back to school. I wanted to start going on multiple vacations a year, because ya know I had a little extra time on my hands, I wanted my own car, I wanted to spoil my mom, go out to eat where ever & whenever, and shop more. Basically things I had to cut back on before, or never got the chance to do- I now wanted to do! So I wanted to get a new job that pays a lot more, and could take care of these expenses. There were jobs available but just one major requirement: A Master’s degree.

So I finally realized, if I want to do what I love while making the money I want, I needed to get that next degree and whatever licenses to fulfill this goal. Since this will be the main focus of my life for the next few years I decided why not turn my blog into a grad school blog? Of course I will continue to do reviews, speak on personal topics, social issues and entertainment (you know always need my tea!). But I’d love to have you all join me on my grad school journey, and hopefully convince any of you who may be debating on obtaining a higher education, TO GO FOR IT!




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